Friday, April 2, 2010

Water and the Paranormal?

The question is, does water have any effect on the paranormal activity of a location?

The truth to the answer is nobody knows how water affects paranormal activity. There is alot of Hollywood theories. In the Paranormal T.V. show Ghost Lab, they set out to Nottoway Plantation to test the theory of the effects of water on the paranormal. Their results showed (and you should really watch the episode) that water did have an effect on the level and location of actvity. The movie Constantine has many references to water and the paranormal. When most people speak about water and the paranormal, they are typically citing the work of others or their own experiments. There are no studies. There is no direct correlation currently. However, this is slowly changing. The data is finally starting to be collected in some areas. For example, in the ParaMap database (, you can run geographical scans of states, plotting haunting reports against their water table zones. In some cases there are patterns. For example, in Michigan, many hauntings do not fall in a specific zone, but instead fall where there is a change in the zone. This does not mean that the paranormal is affected by water, but it is food for thought. There is a few other paranormal hypothesises that support this.

Paranormal activity is related to moon phases. - The moon affects the tides and thus water levels.

Paranormal activity is affected by humidity. - Some theorize that less humidity allows better chances of activity.

Ghosts are bioelectrical matrices left over after death. - Thus electromagnetic fields and electricity could affect them.

So after taking all of this into consideration, answering the question of whether or not water has an effect on the paranormal, our answer would be YES. When further research into this subject is completed, we will be the first in line to read the results.

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